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@Drake: you're sure your James Pond is even the final version? Is it an original or cracked? AFAIK I found no problems with the real version when I played it under WinUAE and WinFellow a while ago.

Anyhow, onto the next surprise :

2. Over The Net
Original, commercial release

You may often see a cracked version of this 1991 volleyball game published by Genias (don't know who developed it, was it Genias again?), however this is the original uncracked version which I remember I definitely bought some time after the game's initial release (it wasn't in '91, I think it was two or three years later?), and it became a Chrimbo pressie.

I tested the ADF and it seems to be 100% fine to me (after all I managed to grab the screenshots below without problems ), but I haven't tested every single feature in the game yet, so if you come across any problems with any particular bit in the game, let me know.

Anyone know if this game ever had a copylock (I don't think it does really, as I didn't come across any problems)? In fact, is there a list anywhere on the web that lists all Amiga games known to have protection schemes of any kind?

This game should also be the Zone.

Who knows, if any of the WHDLoad team are interested in fixing this game for HD-consumption, they can use this ADF if they want.
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