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Some rare stuff from me personally

Hey, all, just thought I'd introduce to you some particularly rare ADFs you're not likely to find on the web, and I'll upload them around the same time as well. A special gift from me, you might call it.

Some things here might very well interest the TOSEC guys...

I'll go through each thing one-by-one, starting off with:

1. James Pond Beta/Pre-Release
Cracked by: Oracle

What you see here is a beta/pre-release version of James Pond: Underwater Agent. I got it amongst a collection of (copied, manually labeled) disks we bought off someone years ago. As you can imagine with beta versions, this game is quite buggy. Most times when you try to start the game again, it can crash. Cheat keys are enabled from the start, try finding out which key does what. Back then I didn't even know this was a beta, I thought it was the actual game as it was released! Hey, I was, like, only 9/10 back then? I remember trying to use Amiga Format's James Pond tips (from one of their tips books, which I still have with me) with this game, and getting confused as to why most things didn't apply! This early version is in AmigaDOS format, compared to the final version's NDOS format.

The game should be in the Zone right now.
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