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The A600 was a bit of a mixed blessing. I had to purchase one in replacement of my A500 which finally buggred up. Badpoint was the lack of backwards compatibilty with Kickstart 1.3 A500 titles.

On the plus side, it was probably the closest things ever came to a "portable amiga", & having a HD made life more berable.

I could be wrong, but wasn't the whole A600 project actually the failed remenants of another machine??
I seem to recall a story in the early '90's CBM were considering a low-end Amiga product to replace either their C64 product line or compete with the consoles. (At a C64 price point which was much lower than the Amiga).
So the story went, I think there were early initial models M/B's actually had a no. "A300" stamped on them.
I think the story went that the cut-downs of a smaller M/B, soldered on chips,& lopped off keyboard etc. made no real retail price-difference to the A500's & the project was abandoned but they instead used it to replace the A500's.
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