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Ok, Iīve attached an image where to find the internal IDE Port, itīs near the power connector in the upper left corner, but pay attention to this : Itīs an 2,5" HD connector with 44 pins !!! Normal 3,5" HDīs got 40 pins, the extra 4 pins are for power supply .... so what you need now is a 2,5" to 3,5" IDE cable, then youīre able to connect any 3,5" HD drive, even a CDRom to that connector ..... all you need then is a power cable to get the power from your floppy drive extended to fit into the 3,5" HD and voila (well, you may also use an external power supply from an old pc for supplying the HD with some power

About the disk drive, you may NOT use a 1,44MB PC floppy drive, that wonīt work, only some rare 1,44MB drives from PC are capable of running in an Amiga as 880KB floppy ..... try to get an external drive and mount it inside your A600 .... donīt forget to use the jumper on the backside to turn it into floppy DF0: (yes, there ARE jumpers )

Any more questions ? Ask me
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