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Looking through my wardrobe of nostalgia I found 2 interesting joysticks.

1) Magnum by Mastertronic

This really is a kick ass design. It's also from the same era as a top-rated P.I show involving a Ferrari, so the name is cool.

It still works today (those old solid builds and metal micro switches again! ) and is unbelievable comfortable to use. The stick is really responsive and of good quality.

Wish I had a picture but can't find one anywhere and I don't have any image tools.

With an autofire this joystick would rock, as the thumb trigger is a little hard to hammer fast for shoot-em-ups.

The biggest plus about this stick is you don't get cramp from those long gaming sessions - fantastic!

2) Original Vic-20 Joystick. The biggest pile of non-micro-switched junk I've every had the misfortune of using - enough said. :kill

You know what guys, I think we need a joystick poll to follow this thread up. Come on, let's have some more entries. :smoking
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