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The Workbench doesn't store the icon position globally but stores it in the file ""-file in the root device of the volume.
So if you insert a cd or flashcard which doesn't have a "" in the root dir, the workbench arranges those volumes in colums.
Also, if you insert a write protected volume, which has a ""-file in the root dir (f.ex. an amiga cd) you can't snapshot it's position because the Workbench can't modify the file. The icon will always appear in the position stored in the ""-file.

1. If the volume is writeable (cf-card): as ppill suggested
2. If it's not (cd-rom): mount the device when the Workbench is fully loaded. Then it at least won't move your other Icons. I guess that you mount your CD-Rom (cd0) via s:user-startup. Delete this line in the user-startup and copy cd0 from STORAGEosDrivers to SYS:WBStartup. DEVSosDrivers mustn't contain cd0.

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