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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie
Wanna know what MicroSofts "WindowsUpdate" server runs on? Nopes, NOT Windows Server, but GNU/Linux... Slackware, if I'm not horribly mistaken. Simply because the Slackware distro of GNU/Linux is the fastest and most stable OS they could find.
Hei Nordmann...

I'd think they'd run it on a serverfarm the size of at least a Class C network in IPv4 running Windows Server 2003 machines each with 16GB (at least) of RAM

I run Slackware myself, have done so for 10 years or so - mostly because my computer is so old - but also because I like the fact that it's easy to move my system from disk to disk and to do disaster recoveries... I mostly operate from a laptop so loads of stuff can happen!
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