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Originally Posted by Anubis

I don’t think that Vista will influence much number of Linux users.

Real place to influence that number would be Linux itself as to standardize and make it easy for average Joe to install and use Linux.

That’s why everyone should use FreeBSD. (Standard UNIX system )
I agree, Vista won't influence anything as people will run it by default (after all, they've already paid the Microsoft Tax). Most "average Joes" doesn't have a clue. When I was doing support for Windows based networks I was sometimes amazed at how ignorant the average user is, a lot of people don't even know how to install software or even do basic things in a word processor. The only reason they use Windows is because it's what was installed when they started using their computer, and it may even be that they *expect* the environment to be Windows since for years now Windows has been running on most PC's.

Personally I am not too bothered whether people use *BSD or Linux based systems, as long as the underlying philosophy is that the sourcecode should be available for scrutiny.

BSD/Linux is already becoming "standardised" in that there is a choice of two common desktop environments etc (KDE and Gnome). These are part of almost every distribution. Some distros of Linux, like Ubuntu or Knoppix are getting really good at "plug and play" - and can run on most hardware even without installing to HD. I think there is a future for BSD and Linux (and all other open initiatives).

In a way it would be sad if computing became to homogenous, even if only Amiga existed today (hypothetically).
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