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Having read through the thread now......

Vista can still execute some programs made for DOS v1. Which makes Vista in a way, "based on Q/DOS." However, NT 3.1 (First NT version) contained code which was like 75% ripped from the OS/2 project MicroSoft developed together with IBM. And frankly... NOTHING MicroSoft have ever released, has been their own idea. it's either been a complete ripoff of someone else's idea (and they've sued said someone else afterwards) or they have simply bought out a compnay that had a good idea.

There. Linux..... mr Linus Torvalds (former neighbour of Tony Wilen.... who may or may not be a familiar name around these boards :P (neighbour as in, also from Finnland )) fancied making an OS-kernel just to see how hard it would be. Later on, the GNU project became interested in his kernel and proposed he made it somewhat UNIX-ish so they could make a bundle of "a completely independent UNIX clone." The rest is history. GNU/Linux, which is the full name, is a complete OS solution, free of ALL ties to ANY other Operating Systems.

Wanna know what MicroSofts "WindowsUpdate" server runs on? Nopes, NOT Windows Server, but GNU/Linux... Slackware, if I'm not horribly mistaken. Simply because the Slackware distro of GNU/Linux is the fastest and most stable OS they could find.

Tells you something, doesn't it? MicroSoft doesn't use Windows for anything. They use UNIX or GNU/Linux in one way or another for absolutely everything. Only got one single "standard PC" on which they try their test builds. When not even MicroSoft trust their own system to be good enough to work with, I kinda doubt the system is good enough for anyone else.

So..... Among the GNU/Linux users I've come across..... if you open a question with "I don't know how to code, but there's such and such problems ....." they all jump and push eachother aside to help you out. At least, that's MY experience. Which is more or less excactly the same experience I had in the Amiga community
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