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Originally Posted by Shamino
Are you just trolling now or what? Amiga is UNIX but Linux is not UNIX? Even the name Linux is a play on the word UNIX, did you never notice this? And the other bloke says Amiga is MacOS? Hell, I may as well say GEOS is QNX: both are fast and reliable, so they are the same thing! Funny that no Amiga stuff runs on MacOS, or on Linux, then isn't it? There is only one OS, they are all just rip-offs of UNIX. Yeah right.
@Shamino, sorry if you took my post wrong. But I never said that the "AmigaOS is UNIX" or "Linux is not UNIX". What I said was "Linux is not a version of UNIX but BSD is" and that is correct. Linux is only the Kernel not the whole OS. The Linux kernel did not share the code base with UNIX but the BSD kernel did. I am talking from a systems level point of view. It might appear from the outside that Linux is UNIX but it's not, sorry. The UNIX OS internals are far different than the Linux internals. Linux is not a version but more of a work-a-like. Everyone gets confused about this. What people think is UNIX is actually the POSIX or "Portable Operating System Interface" standard that can be applied on top of any OS.
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