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Just to let you know, your beautiful wreath and message arrived safely. Thanks to all of you at EAB. Unfortunately our photo didn't do it justice, but the wreath was just as nice, if not nicer than the image above.

We were so overwhelmed by all your messages that we printed them out and these were displayed at the service amongst other items relating to Paul's life. Everyone was touched and amazed by your remarks from all over the world. You have stepped from a virtual community into reality and restored faith, for a lot of people, that people from all walks of life, throughout the world, can think as one and live together in peace. Good on you EAB.

Both services were very well attended and some lovely tributes were paid to him. He had a good send off and we are sure his UFO landed safely in Amigaland! Thanks again EAB!

Patricia & Mick (Paul's parents)
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