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Originally Posted by Shamino
Linux sux, we spent days trying to get it to work with the help of some Linux gurus in #linuxhelp, it still doesn't properly. Despite being based on a 1970s OS, it's not reliably backwards compatible, it's rather slow, hideously bloated and ridiculously unfriendly. Oh, and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of decent software. It's considerably worse even than Windows which I hate. It really shows how much better AmigaOS is.
Ehrm... Linux bloated? The standard Linux kernel can be adapted to pretty much any environment, including to run in embedded systems with very limited resources. Microsoft have specialised kernels to run on such systems, they are not available for free and the sourcecode certainly isn't available..

In terms of Linux distributions, most modern distributions include pretty much everything you need to have a fully functioning workstation, and you don't have to pay extra for any of it. If this is "bloated" then just get rid off the stuff you'll never use anyway?

Linux is not slow, and if all hardware manufacturers instantly provided opensource drivers for their products so that it could be used on any hardware we'd be in a position where even graphics performance wouldn't be different between platforms... Have you tried running Windows Vista on an unsupported graphicscard? Not much different from running X on an unsupported graphicscard..

AmigaOS is a nice OS, but it's not widely supported and unless you're willing to spend a small fortune getting hold of kit then you're stuck with good-ol-classic Amiga where it's time for the guru to start meditating every few hours.
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