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OK guy's, I've been a UNIX administrator for 27 years and an Amiga user for 20 years. I also got started in both BSD and Linux when they first came out in the early 90's. I'm not saying I'm an expert, far from it, but let me give you my insight.

The Amiga: The hardware and software was extremely simple to use, just plug it in, insert the floppy, and it worked. Fantastic graphics and sound for it's era. Expansion was also easy and even better than some PC's at the time of the A2000! True plug-and-play and it actually worked! On the other hand, if you were more of a techie you could also modify the system to your liking. Bar none the Amiga/Amiga OS was the best of both worlds. Both simple and elegant with all the expansion/tweaking for any techie to enjoy.

BSD/Linux: It's still more techie oriented. The hardware is different on just about all models of PC's and there are numerous BSD/Linux variants. To many and to much for some one who is not computer literate to understand. I still have issues with getting 3D/DRI graphics and sound working correctly on some systems. The desktop is not as defined as the Amiga OS, you have multiple window managers to choose from like KDE/Gnome/IceWM/AMIWN(Amiga OS work-a-like, with screens!)/ETC... Which one to chose from? The applications are getting there though. I use KDE and the integration of KOffice/Konqueror/and the rest of the KDE are great. Just a tiny bit better than Gnome. OpenOffice and GAIM are great, I use them on my Win2k box instead of MSOffice and the AOL IM client.

BSD/Linux still has a ways to go before the average Joe can buy a system at the local electronics store, take it home, plug it in and be productive or have fun with it.

Sorry if I have stepped on any toes, that's just my opinion and yes I do not like using Microsoft software and given the chance, I'll use my Amiga 3000 or a UNIX variant OS instead.
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