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Originally Posted by laffer
Now Lucasarts on the other hand.. they knew how a game should be ported!
Oh yes I agree 100% with that

And yes Sierra were a tad lazy graphicswise really. The Amiga really was a lot better than that... Funny though, Sierra games were always considered the more demanding of games... I remember how frustrating it was when I had an A500 with just 512k of RAM and I couldn't afford an expansion (hey, I was just a kid back then!) because many Sierra titles required 1 MB. But I do recall that there were versions that worked with only 512k... I played SQ3, LSL3 and PQ2 among others - all of which I seem to recall having tried versions that refused to work with just 512k (and the boxes usually say they require 1 MB). Boy those were the days Today 1 GB of RAM in my PeeCee doesn't seem to be enough for anything Except emulating the good old Amiga
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