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Originally Posted by laffer
I remember the reason why I got a PC in the first place was so I could play the Sierra adventure games.. as you probably know, they're horribly awful on the Amiga
That's not true, at least not for some of 'em. I might agree with you about the SCI1 ones that only use 32 colours instead of 256 as in the PC versions. But back in the day when I only had the monophonic PC speaker for the PC it was way cool to hear the polyphonic sound in the AGI games. Also, quite a few SCI0 games on the Amiga had sound fx that were EXCLUSIVE to the Amiga versions (unless you had an MT-32 for the PC I might add in most cases). There is a rare version of SQ3 for PC with the famous sound fx but apart from that the Amiga version was the way to go. King's Quest 4 had sound fx that from memory weren't even included in the MT-32 soundtrack for the PC.

So I would definitely not go as far as saying the Sierra games were useless for Amiga. Besides, Amiga was the platform on which I played my very first Sierra games!! The first one being Police Quest 1 and BOY did it blow me away! Shame they didn't make the AGI versions even better for the Amiga though... The Apple IIgs AGI is the latest version of the interpreter and it's superior in every way to the other versions... Why didn't they release this interpreter for the Amiga? I mean, I can understand why it wasn't released for the PC... But the Amiga already had built in sound capacity that could've handled it from the start...
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