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as Retro-Nerd says Emulation is GREAT you can do a lot of things you can't with the real thing, however is nothing like owning and playing the original for 1 you get the proper controls. 2 it runs more accurately ie real speed, proper timing etc (though mame / winuae etc are fantastic) again it just don't feel right playing an Amiga game on an Xbox/psx/usb (comp pro etc) pad/joystick controller it's close but not like the original same as mame with it's arcade games!

to me control is above all else! is no way you can replicate an arcade game such as tehkan world cup without the rollerball just the same as you can't play goal,kickoff xxx,sensi etc without comp pro, zipstick, tac2, quickshot whatever your preference is!

oh so close but oh so far!

If like most of us you don't have the space for every machine/console/arcade beast etc go for the emulation you can get pretty accurate it's close like i've said however if you can shove your FAVE machine in be it arcade/snes/amiga/c64 whatever you'll enjoy it all the more for it being real!

@mabus i'd say the retro thing has been going on 10 years now where you been m8 ?
good ole daves classics and dave spicers sparcade as far as i remeber kicked it all off

Also if you wanna pay 2k for a 286 i'm sure Zetro can accomadate you

Finally the last bit i'd say the TV stuff is blurring! we are getting stuck with flat screen tft's/lcd's/plassy's etc whether we want them or not out with the obesse monitors lol

try n find a 19" crt it's getting hard never mind one that syncs down to 15khz or whatever the Amiga needs.
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