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Yes, there are a lot of PC mags & free web mags with Retro specials these days.

I use and enjoy WinUAE for years, but after i got an Amiga 1200 some weeks ago i don't want to go back to this, except for the CD games and copying/installing stuff. I really like the real TV scanlines, the 50 Hz scrolling, the smooth controls.

But on the other side: The emulators have a lot of advantages in comparison to the real machines.

- They didn't broke
- no costs (mostly)
- You can save everytime
- You can do screenshots


It is pretty cool to play NTSC NES, SNES, Genesis, PC-Engine ... games in emulation on the PC in 60 Hz.

But i don't have the space for all the real consoles. And it is probably not usable without a 10X RGB switch for the TV set.

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