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Originally Posted by alkis21
Don't bother, Sid. I've been trying to recruit KOA members in this forum for 5 years, and I only succeeded once (with Haakon). The EAB boys simply don't like Kick Off. But I try not to hold it against them.
Kick Off 2 rules in my book.Sensi is cool and immediate but Kick Off has a ton more depth in it's subtle control that makes playing Sensi a little less satisfying.Kick Off changed my life frankly because it's the game that racked up the most hours on my Amiga - with a friend of course.Sensi was and still is a very smart game that in truth is maybe more realistic to the sport but players adoring Kick Off2 do so for a reason.Frustrating to hear people claiming Sensi as the best all the time , maybe it's because people can pick the controls up easier.It was extra time with all the tweaks that was the version i remember as being great , not sure.
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