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Originally Posted by frikilokooo
1) If your press circle in PES to near of to corner the pass is only one direction.

2) In PES the direction of pass advanced you do not choose it, chooses the console.

3) In PES to shoot is automatic, the console corrects the angle so that it is not outside.

4) In PES the ball goes stuck the player you can play with the closed eyes.

5) In PES dribling successfully depends on the ability of the soccer player not of the ability of the person with pad.
1) That's optional. You can turn that off. I have. Now it's completely manual.

2) Wrong. It passes exactly the same as in Goal!. Push the joystic in the direction of a player and press pass, like in Goal!. If there are no players in that area, the ball will go into empty space. Like in Goal!.

3) Wrong. You choose the direction of the shooting, and you choose the power. If you aim badly, you will surley miss.

4) No you can't, if you play with a bad player. If you choose to dribble with a bad player, you will have to really work to keep the ball. If you choose a good player, it will be easier. But it all depends on how well your opposition plays, doesn't it? You will need skill to dribble, and when done well, it's extremely satisfying.

5) both yes and now. It does depend a bit on the soccer player, but it greatly depends on the person with the pad as well. And you make it sound like there shouldn't be any difference between good and bad players in soccer games.

I have a feeling you haven't played much PES. It's the most realistic soccer sim ever created, and saying it's all automatic is pure ignorance. No offence.
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