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I guess I missed out on a lot then.

To date I have only ever played with an little 'ol A500 - my own.

I do remember playing around with an A1200 for a very short time at some Amiga show, but I can't remember which one it was. I'm sure it was running PGA European Tour Golf at that time.

That was the closest I would ever get to using an A1200.

Yup, back then, during the mid 90's at least, I was so desperate to get one of these babies. Just so I could play more games which relied on that type of machine.

What a shame then that my own family was a) fucking tight, and b) completely ignorant of how much I liked the Amiga and wanted to try other pieces of hardware. All we did was just buy games for the Amiga during the years of its popularity. That was it.

I actually remember having this almost-realistic dream once around that time where I actually had an A1200 in my possession, as a present, and I was playing what looked like..... Zak McKracken??!!! And I seem to remember the background as being in a park, similarly drawn to the real locations in the game.

Well, looks like all of you on here had better luck. But then maybe you had more of a choice back then, and wasn't an 11-year old kid like me back then.

@stainy: there were two different CDTVs? Please explain.
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