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hmmm spare components.... I am unsure how i would consider them spare as i love all my amiga components equally....

so i have a NIU (not in use) policy

I have

4 x A1200 mobos ( 1 x NUI )
1 x A600 (project A600+)
2 x internal floppy drives ( NUI )
2 x external floppy drives (NUI)

1 x phillips 8833 monitor (NUI)
1 x commodore 1084s monitor (NUI)
2 x IDE buffered interfaces (NUI)
3 x CBM A1200 / 600 mouse (NUI)
2 x A500 psu blocks (NUI)
1 x CDTV keyboard (NUI)
1 x Prelude Soundcard (NUI)
1 x GG + (NUI)
3 x A1200 keyboards (NUI)

Since I have a large Workshop / Shed I can get away with blue murder insofar as trouble with the missues , however I have permission to have but only 4 in the house at any 1 time.... wich is good because i still need to build the other three!
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