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Ok, my opinion about the A-600:


Nice little computer
Already 1MB chipram inside
HD connector
Kick 2.0 makes WB 2.0 possible which is a lot nicer than WB 1.3


Keypad missing ( not a big problem since only few people use it )
Some software doesn't run with Kick 2.0
Some very old software doesn't like more than 512k. So no chance to get them running on the A-600 since you cannot switch down to 512k.
Those damn SMD chips !!!
That's the biggest disadvantage of the A-600 imho. If one chip gets fried you can trash the board ( or spend hours desoldering chips ). On the A-500 you can just exchange every chip easily since they are all socketed That's a big advantage in troubleshooting, too !
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