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Back when I first played on my C64 I only had joysticks to use with the games, and remember this old black joystick model with two buttons, one on the top of the stick and the familiar trigger. I think I used to use only one button the first time round (the top one), and then later I discovered the trigger underneath it!

Hey, I was only young! :laugh Like, what, 5 or 6 years old or something?

But when the joystick (and possibly a few others we also bought) broke, I was left without a joystick to play around with.

I later noticed that the joypads for my Sega Mega Drive (which was fairly brand new at the time, having bought it from the Future Entertainment Show '92 in Earl's Court ) had the same port layout and look as traditional C64 and Amiga joystick ports, so one time, when I was playing Wild West Seymour, I plugged the Mega Drive pad in the normal port and, lo and behold, it actually WORKED! I felt very happy, I just discovered something by myself! No help from anyone, oh joy, joy, joy! etc. I worked out that "B" was the fire button, as was with Amiga later on.

(A bit of a stark contrast now compared to my Sidewinder joypad, which, when used with WinUAE, now treats "A" as the fire button!

I can't remember if I used a joystick on my Amiga before the Mega Drive incident, but I do remember receiving a yellow-and-black joystick with two buttons on the front (I think) which I didn't use much with my Amiga because by then I had become too used to using a joypad in order to be any good with a joystick any more! For some reason using a joypad feels more comfortable.
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