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A600- a worthy addition to the Amiga family!

A600 is the next best thing to an Amiga laptop. Mine has a 3Gb laptop HD and 030 card that fits snuggly underneath the bonnet. I can bring it from one room to another in my house and plug it in without getting a hernia. Can't do that with my A500 with the heavy GVP A530 sidecar hanging off the left-hand end. The big hoo-ha about the A600 lacking expandability of the A500/+ may have been true for a few years after its release, but Amiga hardware manufacturers proved to be smart cookies by producing accelerators that piggy-backed the CPU and sound, serial and ethernet cards that attached to the internal clockport or slid into the PCMCIA slot. Even the lack of a keypad was largely solved on the A600 by Aminet software for the few utilities that needed it. A600- the black sheep of the Amiga family? I think not! IMHO, the A1200 deserves that title because it has more design faults and potential hardware conflicts in expansion than you can poke a stick at!
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