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Originally Posted by StarEye
frikilokooo: PES and FIFA is nowhere near as automatic as you make it out to be. Goal! is more comparable to the FIFA of the earlier Playstation days, like FIFA '99. In PES and FIFA today, you shoot in the direction you choose to shoot. Spin and such is automatic, depending on the players statistics, like in KO2 and Goal.
If your press circle in PES to near of to corner the pass is only one direction.

In PES the direction of pass advanced you do not choose it, chooses the console.

In PES to shoot is automatic, the console corrects the angle so that it is not outside.

In PES the ball goes stuck the player you can play with the closed eyes.

In PES dribling successfully depends on the ability of the soccer player not of the ability of the person with pad.

Goal! is more manual and funny,the first impression to play the Goal! is: I do not have aim, ball always goes away outside! , the players lose the ball, simply is necessary to practice.
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