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I hated how Goal! didn't give you a full screen, and same with KO2. That's why Sensi/SWOS was so good.

To be fair, I actually love retro-soccer games. SWOS is my favourite, Kick Off 2 and Goal! are great too. But I also really like the more obscure titles, like European Champions and I loved Striker back in the days. Unfortunately, Striker don't work too well with me today. But EC do, and I also played lot of Manchester united Premier League Champions and The Double.

Empire Soccer was good too, a bit like Speedball 2 meets Kick Off. Total Football was okay, played it a fair bit back in the days, but not that fun today.

But for some reason, I still like European Champions a lot.

frikilokooo: PES and FIFA is nowhere near as automatic as you make it out to be. Goal! is more comparable to the FIFA of the earlier Playstation days, like FIFA '99. In PES and FIFA today, you shoot in the direction you choose to shoot. Spin and such is automatic, depending on the players statistics, like in KO2 and Goal.
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