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Just came here to see what you'd all make of the BBC Article about Commodore and thought what the hell has happened, when I saw the Green Alien at the top, imagining RCK had handed over the site to him or something.....

Of course, it didn't take me long to see the significance

I ain't really part of the scene anymore, and this account was never really used (my old Jim one was). I remember having chats with Paul, reading and contributing to his great guides - and even following some of them, and giving him some design advice for a church site he wanted to do, based on my failed Superfrog Fansite (remember that flamewar with the Superfrog guy! ).

Remembered my password and logged in cause I wanted to give my condolences to his mum at this difficult time and to all you lot on here who're gonna feel/see his loss a lot more than me as I'm hardly active here.
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