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Sorry, but the A500+ is the black turd in the vanilla lineage of Commodore/Amiga. The A600 is a slick compact machine, the best non-AGA one IMO. I never needed the bloody keypad, to date, I never use it. It was loveably small, it had an IDE interface, it was like an ECS A1200. One great machine. if you bash it, you never owned one.

And the incompatibility problems were not bigger than thoe of an A500+, an A3000, or whatever machine you had upgraded. If you softkicked it onto 1.3 most stuff would run. If it never ran in your machine, it was because you were too lazy to make it run

An A600 problem I admit: temperature. It's so compact, that it likes to run a bit hot.

So nyaaah! to you A600 haters!
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