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sorry if i speak out of my place, but it's all the week i'm thinking about this.
5 years that i'm here and exchange the casual talk with many guys, most of them nice and sympathetic. Also the odd embittered talk about real life.
one in particular i remember, recently. I think Paul too in that occurrence offered a good exhortation to the guy that in the case was talking about his own problem.
and in this 5 years, not once i heard him speak ill, get in a silly fight or whatever. quite the opposite! and not once, here or in other boards that we both frequented, have ever lamented his own condition. I'm not sayin that that was expected, but if i just look at me i can see me not so equanimous and serene even with not half his hardship.
i'm not pretending i know him more than i do, i'm sorry i didn't.
the guy had brass.
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