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Looking for an old Amiga PD game...

...which is going to be fun as I have no title to go from, no screenshots, no reference, and not even an accurate description of the game. Oh well, here it goes.

The game is about a professor, or a doctor, or something. He lives in a castle and through some set of events he ends up having to search the castle for a variety of globby monsters, which he catches with his net. I think once he had all the monsters (or achieved some other sort of goal) the door would open and he could go to the next level.

The sprites and graphics were small and cartoony - we're talking about Rick Dangerous sized sprites. The professor/doctor was a stereotypical guy with a bald head, a white beard, possibly glasses. He wore a white lab coat and, as previously mentioned, held a net.

I found this game on an old CD for the CD32, designed for networking the Amiga and the CD32 together. It came with a cable and a floppy disk for the Amiga, but I can't remember what the CD was called. It wasn't AmiNet, but I think it had "Net" in the title. I forget.

If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, let me know. I've tried searching the HOL for "doctor", "Professor" and "castle" but all of these don't bring up the game I'm looking for. Help?

Edit: Another game that was on the disc was Santa & Rudolph Do Christmas. I don't know if this helps, but... y'know. It might.

Edit II: Doctor Strange! There we go. Never mind!

Edit III: Okay, now I need to find it. Anyone know where I might be able to snag a copy?

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