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I think this sounds great.

The Commodore as we remember it is gone. There's nothing that'll bring it back. The closest thing in recent memory is the C64DTV. As great as it was, there's no way it was going to sell well enough to bring the Commodore back. This on the other hand, if marketing properly (which is extremely vital!), will have a chance of being the de facto standard for ready made gaming PCs.

I agree that anyone can buy the necessary parts and put together the perfect PC themselves, at a fraction of the cost. However the majority of users simply don't care or don't have that knowledge. I myself used to build every single PC that I'd ever needed (or recommended), however having precious little time as of late, I can't do that sort of thing anymore. I've been recommending pre-built Dell's and HP's often lately. At the end of the day, everyone's been happy.

I don't play many games anymore (Tony Hawk's Underground 2 would probably be the latest I've played), so this obviously doesn't appeal to me. I'm happy with my current setup and simply can't afford anything newer. However this is a fantastic step in the right direction. We're looking at PCs with Intel Core Duo or Quad processors, up to 4GB of RAM, two video cards and hundreds of gigabytes of hard drive storage. These are beefy enough to keep any user happy for a long while.

I support this. Commodore as we know it is gone. There's no way they can compete against the likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft with a new console, so why not take advantage of a niche market such as PC gamers?

ah well. I guess those of you that have already made your minds won't change it. There will always be the "retro" way of thinking, which is prevalent in just about every C64, Amiga, etc. forum.
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