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Unfortunately I'm unable to donate anything at the moment, which I feel bad about. However, I can assist by saying that since this is going to be a special gift, we'd obviously want it to be the best gift possible. With that said, I came up with a couple of grammatical errors which should be fixed prior to selection. Anyone with any disagreements can happily point out my errors as I'm not exactly an English scholar myself

I've bolded the parts which I've changed. The parts in red I've removed so skip over them as you read.

We, the whole EAB Community, are shocked and in deepest sorrow to lose our beloved friend Paul. He was one of the nicest guys we've ever known; always on the bright side of life. We will miss you forever, Paul. Thanks for visting our planet, Green Amiga Alien. Rest in peace, wherever you may be.
2 and 3 I haven't touched since they seem to be quotes

In losing you Paul, we lose a part of ourselves(, a part) that cannot be replaced through material wealth but in the spirit you gave to us through your presence on EAB. You (which) will live on in (the) our hearts and minds (of us all) through time and space for which the Green Alien will forever be travelling.
Farewell dear friend, until we all meet again.
Rest In Peace Paul. Love all at EAB
I hope that helps.

As with the others, I think it should be kept short and to the point. Nothing springs to mind at the moment, but I'm sure whatever everyone decides will be the best possible option.
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