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Originally Posted by StarEye
Tsk, save states are cheating as long as you use it to progress through a game (doesn't include those doing research and stuff like that). If it was possible back then, it would've been included in trainers and such.
People only say it's not cheating because for some reason they need to defend their actions. So here's a tip: it's alright to cheat. It's cheating in multiplayer that gives you an advantage that's a no-no.
Now comparison of save state and game trainer is where you can see that save state is not cheating. With save state you have still to collect for your self all weapon upgrades etc. while with trainer you can have them by pressing of the button.

Let's compare arcade games. You started new game and you lost life after couple screens. You put some more money and you continue with the game from where you left. Is that cheating? Developer made it possible, so shouldn't be cheating according to many here?!
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