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So he hates you! He hates a lot of people, I would imagine (including me) but it doesn't change me or what I am on this board for. One must maintain focus.

Come here, talk Amiga. If you get flamed (and you most certainly will), sort out if it is valid or not (in most cases, I'm afraid to say, it is), strip away the insults, then try to improve whatever it is people flame you for. Most folks here are open-minded and have a lot of patience, so you should take advantage of their forgiving natures and use it to better build your character.

I don't think most people here hate you, but very often you give reason for being flamed. It can only improve if you make that effort, but if not, it will continue to be the same merry-go-round that it has been. I can see improvement lately, so stay with it so that you can remain a part of this great EAB community!

Even I won't be able to resist, otherwise!
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