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Save states are very handy sometimes but in certain circumstances ie just before it looks likely you will loose one of your lives , it is of course cheating.If the original Doom had had quick saves then all you would need to get through a level would be to save before that part you knew you kept dying at.In games we have to make a choice and it's this choice that gets us killed or not.Save states allow us to rewind time to that very point where the game designers wanted us to only have the one chance.Save states would have killed Elite and it's one of the very reasons why i don't like Frontier quite as much as i would do.

The argument that you don't have to use them is a little nonsense because just knowing they are there is spoils things.There is of course the satisfaction you get knowing you havn't cheated but in some games like an Rpg for example , a quick save is sometimes just too tempting- you regret it afterwards mind.

If i wanted to play through an entire game like Shadow of the Beast then it is likely that i would use save states - i just don't have that much time to get good at a game like this so saves for this use are a god send.I would probably limit the saves to level starts.Games are a little fairer now than they used to be(Not including arcade games as there design is fair and unlike some older home games)and so i think for emulators they are a very handy feature.Modern pc games use quicks saves quite a bit it seems and is one of the reasons why i don't play pc games anymore - pulls you out of a game's world frankly + tension removed because you know saving gets you out of a sticky spot your currently experiencing.Halo has a very good system for a modern game where it puts you back but not by too much - you still feel happy to try getting past where you died last time.

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