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Originally posted by Shadowfire
I always wanted to see if they would make a "Where in hell is Carmen Sandiego?" game, I guess that never made the cut.
I have a vision for a game called "Frederica Does Liberace's Place"

...It's a Quake 3 MOD. You are Fred trying to find 100 ultra-rare Amiga disks, each containing a war simulation game. During your quest, you are constantly hunted down by Liberace and his mustached entourage, who catch you with slippery traps and bore you with their guns.

Your weapons include a Gary Coleman rifle that shouts "Whatchyou Talkin'Bout Willis!?!" and a Flobee Vacuum Hair-cutting system that sucks your opponents before they, ah, get you. Your armor may include a Little Richard skin, an afro, and an Atari ST shield.

There are many Boss levels with monsters like MarzAttakz on Steroids, a huge maze of dead-ends called "g*dflesh's FTP".. this not a perfect game idea?
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