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Originally Posted by Jason
If they decided they'd make it the hardest thing on Earth, then that's how you as the gamer have to conquer it.
Hey, you sound like it's breaking the law or something
But, ever thought, that so do the developers, making some games ULTRA HARDCORE VERY MUCHOS HARD?

Originally Posted by Jason
I agree, save states are EXTREMELY handy and they make some games much more playable, but they're still cheating. I use them frequently, but only when I don't have enough time to play a game through. The way I use them is as a one-off restart point. For example, if I were playing The Last Ninja 2 and I made it to the 2nd level but I had to stop playing for some reason, I'd save my state. Later I'd come back and restart from that point, however I'd only use it once so it's like I never left at all
Exactly. That's why I think consider it non-cheating.

Originally Posted by Jason
Cheats built into a game are a different story. The developers have said "Yes. We know the game is difficult. Here's some help". Yes, that's cheating, but it's cheating with permission...sorta.
Don't forget betatesting purposes for the developers themselfs...
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