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IMO it's NOT cheating.

Just because:
- you have to play everything yourself; there is no unlimited energy trainers, etc., so if you are unlucky, you will have to play one scene 20 times until you can finally beat it

- it can be regarded as a supplement for a missing save function in the game, which probably could not be implemented because of disk space shortage. Am I kidding you? Not really, as it was VERY essential for game publishers to know whether the game will need 2 or 3 disks, since you have to multiply the total number of disks in one box with the (hopefully ) huge number of users that will buy it. And this can be several 100,000 disks more.
So if they could get the dev team to downsize everything to fit on only TWO disks, they did try it! Just read all those stories about game musicians who had to convert their tracks to MONO (formerly stereo) to save disk space!
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