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The Biggest Cheaters!

I just thought it would be nice to talk about thing that pisses off every time when it happens:

You buy a game that looks awesome in the box. When you try it home it looks crap and nothing like in the pictures "taken from the game". Same thing happens in McDonald's where your burger is quite different looking than the delicious one in the pictures.

One of the biggest cheaters must be Loriciels TURBO CUP. Just compare those box pictures to real ones! What a rip-off!

Another thing is that you buy a game and it has about 50 levels and the screenshots looks good and interesting. Then the game is so hard that you'll never see the rest of the game! One game in this category must be not so good game FIRE & FORGET 2. I would appreciate if someone has cheat codes for this. Then I would be able to tell if this game is also a cheater with pretty pictures in the box...
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