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In remembering a good friend to us all

Paul was what the Amiga scene realy stood for...taking what you have no matter how little it's or your abity, spec may be ..... and getting it to run to is limits

His life had severre setbacks that he kept close to his chest & unlike so many others, he took the time to set his prioties, he made sure his Amiga family here was not burdened by his problems, instead he devoted time to making things easier through his thread replies,updates & guides for everyone who visited the board newbie & old git alike.

His sense of humour had a wicked twist & his long standing "poking fun" at himself & others gave many smiles not just in this boards off topic ...but across the many boards he became a member of, as he tended to join every crazy news board members here opened.

I refuse to close my tribute to him with a final sadness as I intend to ensure his birthday cartoon fest has a least one original woody57 contribution that I know will make him smile matter where he is
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