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Originally Posted by Chain
I think biggest difference is FLICKERFIXER. you can use nasty consoloid vga converter, but watching 640*512 will be really pain for ur eyes.

"Composite > VGA" converter - is cheaper, but still its just blurry composite signal...

"RGB >VGA" converters - really not that cheap, and there is still no Flickerfixer

so FF/SD indivision is really best solution, trust me
AmigaKit don't have the SD/FF on their site now...
just the RGB to VGA monitor adaptor:

* The SVGA monitor must be able to sync to the Amiga's 31.5Khz signal (Most monitors have no problem doing this). Adapter may vary in appearance.
but no-one recommends getting this??

or this; Commodore Amiga RGB to VGA Adapter


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