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Hello guys,

Had a few questions in this thread, on IRC and via PM regarding how / where to send any donations / contributions...

Here's what I think will work best...

There are 2 options really;

... PayPal
... Barclay account

Currently both accounts are totally empty at the moment so keeping track of the Paul fund will be extremely easy. Very simply, everything that to goes into either account is for Paul

Maybe we should set a time period of say one month then afterwards we then get in contact with Paul's family and give them all the collected donations / contributions (minus the cost of the wreath)? Paul's family can then decide how best to use whatever is collected, be it a donation to the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy foundation, the creation of a living memorial or anything else appropriate).

Here are my PayPal details: damienjdavis "@" yahoo . com

I know that some people have mentioned that PayPal has fees, see here for details: Paypal fees (majority free!)

If you are in the UK and feel more comfortable with paying straight into my spare Barclay account (via walking into any Barclays bank) then please PM me and I'll give you the details...

Please let me know what you think?
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