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Originally Posted by Rochabian
You can't just open the iso, delete a folder or adding one and saves the ISO file to burn it, it won't boot on the CD32
CD32 disc are protected with a Trademark file : CD32.TM or CDTV.TM
That's why when you change a folder you have to make the iso file again from the begining with ISO CD and use the Trademark file to "mark" the iso if you want that the CD boot on CD32
Don't use Winiso, it doesn't work

ISOCD and the Trademark files are on the Develloper CD
Thanks for sending me the useful link by PM
My own CD32 Comp is booting now
I have installed BattletoadsCD32 now and it's boots and works fine.
But not SuperfrogCD32 or PawsofFuryCD32 why?

Frostworks guide says I can make a startscript like this

Execute CD32:C/MakeRAD
cd cd32:games/Wendetta
endifIs this right?
Is there nothing more I will add?
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