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The Turrican II review was interesting to watch (it's the only one I've watched so far, actually)! Yes, a lovely game from finish to start worth every inch of praise it gets... and those that don't understand the greatness of Turrican II, or the importance of the game in general, well... they just don't... uhm... get it! ;-)

Concerning the review, it really felt more of a presentation than a review... but that's okay, though... I was missing some sort of comments on the music and the technical marvels of the game (which is almost half of the deal concerning Turrican II, according to me).

To me Turrican II is the, without doubt, best Amiga game there is. If trying really hard to find something to complain about that would be the fact the game is way to easy (to me). I have completed it without dying one single life... and last time I played it through I had 37 lives in reserve when the credits started to roll. Not much of a challange once one gets to know the levels... but, in all honesty, I couldn't bother less since every minute spent with the game feels like being in heaven.

No, wait... there's one more thing to complain about... and that would be the fact that I can't think of one single platformer on the Amiga that could rival the presentation that Turrican II has to offer... James Pond II - Robocod, Brian the Lion, Chuck Rock II and Lionheart are all really really great games... but competing with Turrican II, well, they do not... so, yes, just like you said... Turrican II isn't exactly the best game to start with if one never has been in contact with the Amiga before... chances are that the experience never will be matched again...
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