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Originally posted by MarzAttakz
Oh, that thread. Nearly forgot about that one!

You should keep that answer for every time you are caught-out doing something stupid. Whoever hears it will automatically believe you, it's true.

I read a few of the other threads in the Underdogs forum and actually felt ashamed by your behaviour. Why? Because I'd defended you in the past.

You are a manipulative, self-centred, selfish, ingratiating, repetitive, loud, annoying, lazy and ultimately useless fool.

I never joined with others when they attacked you before, but there you go - I'm doing it now because I have realised what a waste of space you are. So many people have been nice to you, and you have absolutely failed to take this into account making exactly the same "mistakes" time and time again. You must either have a behavioural problem or are just thick.

And I can't be bothered finding out which.
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