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I think it's fair to say that the ship sections are rather fab.Music and atmosphere throughout are superb and it even has a little exploration.There's nothing to complain about in Turrican2 but it isn't an amazing game just an amazing experience.It all comes together so well that it makes playing a joy.Play mechanics are fairly basic compared to something like Contra or Cybernator but because everything comes together so well , it really doesn't matter.

I have to be honest in saying that i'm not convinced Factor 5 really understands great gameplay and i think Turrican 2 was just lucky in that it did come together.I still love this game to death and have probably played it more than any other Amiga game but time and time again it's because i like the Turican2 game world - nothing to do with gameplay.It's wrapped up in such lovely sound and is convincing an adventure that makes it compelling to play.What gameplay there is however is done perfectly well , you just wouldn't want every game to be like if it were a stand alone.As a whole it's great though.

Take out the music and i reckon you'd have a less awesome experience.

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