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Thumbs up Thanks for your comments so far!

Thanks for the comments guys. In relation to a random bunch of questions:

Originally Posted by killergorilla
Small error:

The first 5 issues of Amiga Action show up black and white, but when you go into the actual page and click on the magazine cover it's in colour.
The black and white scans are a deliberate ploy to encourage anyone with the magazine to send us a full size colour scan.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd
This site looks awesome. Can't wait to see some Amiga Joker HQ scans.
Originally Posted by StrategyGamer
Can't wait for more American coverscans and reviewscans! Weeee!
Galaxy and myself have been the main scanners so far (actually Galaxy is by miles!), and we have no German mags so scans of Amiga Joker are unlikely for the time being. Ditto with American magazines. We don't have them, and unless others contribute they are unlikely to be added.

Oh yes, a huge thanks to Mort for his scanning aswell!

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd
The scan quality rocks. Just found Bump'N'Burn in the AJ section. Is it possible to add a search filter for mags with review scans?
Thank Galaxy for that, his scans are consistently high quality and straight! A lot of time was spent to rotate and crop the scans. He's a genius!

As for the filter, there is an advanced search but it's not quite ready. It will be online soon though!

Originally Posted by matthew
At the moment I can see that the Site is mainly concentrating on Game Reviews.

In the future will you be scanning some of the Special Features / Programming Articles from the Magazines?
There are many interesting articles scanned, not just reviews. For example, there is a great article from Andrew Braybrook on how effects like the Stardust tunnel was done (check the "did you know" panel on the top right):

We started scanning just reviews but lately have been scanning most editorial content. Most Amiga Powers have all the editorial stuff scanned, and we have more than 50 issues online which makes it the largest Amiga Power resource on the internet by a long way!

Originally Posted by rsn8887
What I would really really like to see is complete scans of the Power Play "Die hundert besten Spiele" yearly specials. These issues were true bibles!

Each one contained reviews of the hundred best games of that year. They also contained a table in the back of all the games they ever reviewed up to that point with scores. Those were great to flip through and just see the "best of the best" of that year.
Unless someone scans those for us, we can't put them online as we don't have any of those issues. If there are tables of top 100 games like the Amiga Power top 100 lists we would happily add another page like the AP one. However someone would have to supply us the information.

Ideally I would like people to look through their magazines and help us fill the gaps. If everyone helped out a little we could really get an amazing resource online pretty quickly! We have scans of quite a few magazines but indexing all the information from scans is a lot slower than people that own the magazines.

If anyone has any other ideas for the site, please list them aswell! Some ideas:

- Features/articles indexed so they are searchable (eg. "all interviews with the bitmaps" type stuff)
- A links page
- An advanced search, with filters to only show Amiga games, or only cheats, or previews for unreleased games etc.
- Perhaps some kind of polls like vote for favourite magazine etc

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