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Seriously simple AE Problem :(

Hey there folks,

Yep, I must have only got my first Amiga less than six months ago and there are heaps of things I don't is one...

I've got Amiga Explorer and it works great, but for the one exception being that transfer speed is very slow.

I also understand that my 600 cannot comfortably transfer data too quickly, but sure it could do better than with the original AE settings.

What I have done is to add the files included with AE to the WB StartUp folder on my hard drive, so when the machine boots it runs a little executable and all works well...but too slow, way too slow

NOW, here is the bit...after searching and searching I keep finding posts where people talk about changing all kinds of settings...BUT I have no idea, seriously no idea how to do that kind of stuff at this stage...I'm too new and totally Ami-dumb

I don't even know how to modify the script in the little exe that preps my Amiga for AE.

Could somebody PLEASE tell me what a good/reliable transfer speed would be for a standard A600, plus please tell me how to modify the script and that to do there...I'm so lost here it's not matter how much I search only finding stuff about numbers, but not how to for dumbasses like me

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