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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie
However: after installing Netscape, I tried to run it. It "fails to open a socket" although AWeb-APL finds things like this forum no problems.
As far as I remeber there is nothing in the shapshifter setup that allows you to directly share the TCPIP connection of the Amiga.
The only way I used ShapeShifter to connect to internet was first to use the serial port and my modem to directly connect.
Later I got ISDN and needed a different way, then using MiamiDX to connect with my ISDN-MasterII card, and setting up a special device to simulate a serial port to use in the shapeshifter setup. It was called nullser.device or similar. This device was created for the purpose of making Mac emulation on Amiga able to connect to the amiga network. Look at:

If Miami can be set to work together with the WinUAE bsd emulation this may work with ShapeShifter inside WInUAE as well.
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