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Hi WhiteSnake

As i've said before to you, default settings works fine on CD32.
For my compilation for example, i didn't change any settings excepts the TM file : CDTV.TM
Then i do "Examine" Souce drawer
And finally i save it in ISO file and write it with RecordNow MAX or FireBurner with a PC
( I personnaly think they are the best one)
I've done several test sorting filenames or any "optimize" option that are in ISOCD but i don't remind any changes......Changind Order, Group or DirectRead didn't change anything for me....

Good luck, my friend

(BTW, i can affirm that default settings with a ISO file larger than 650Mb can run great on a real CD32 ...)

CD32 can read overburned CD's

EDIT: Are you sure that a basic CD32 use the CDFS filesystem????
I don't think so.......

I think it's in the Kickstart 3.1.......

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